The response from defendants Ross Levinsohn of Yahoo and Steve Hall of Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital, has been to delay, at every step of the way,  [ case # CIV494701 San Mateo County Superior Court ] this case from going forward, and to keep out evidence of their misdeeds from being aired in a public court of law.

Instead of taking responsibility their only thought is to shirk responsibility.

Again this week another new attempt on their part to delay the proceedings has been disallowed by the judge. [the next week they tried this same ploy to delay the trial going forward- see June 16 post].

We know from experience that these men consider themselves smarter and more clever than anyone else. Their arrogance and patronizing attitude which extends even to their view of the court system is wearying on everyone.

Their indifference to anyone’s interests beyond their own is remarkably consistent. It is the same indifference with which they carried out their fraudulent conveyance, the same sneering contempt with which they caused the theft and destruction of Worddiamonds for their own convenience and monetary gain, in the hopes this would somehow compel us to “freak out and throw more money at it” to somehow fix it.

Although Mr. Levinsohn saw what was going on, and said it was “evil”, he nevertheless threw in his lot with helping orchestrate the fraudulent conveyance, which could not have been accomplished without his complicity.

The defendants in this case truly cannot conceive of anyone else’s interests holding a candle to their exalted view of their own. They sincerely do believe their interests are far more important than other peoples. This is their world view, and they conduct themselves and treat others from this point of view.

They truly believe they are above being held accountable for anything or having to answer to anyone. They refuse  to take responsibility for their actions, and are affronted as well as dismissive towards anyone that dare ask them to do so, even a court of law.

Their continued attempts to stop the trial and keep the evidence out of the public view, more than anything, demonstrates this very attitude. The obvious and prolonged suffering they continue to inflict in the face of the courts rulings and the evidence against them really captures what kind of men they truly are. They are oblivious to the effects of their own cruelty- their deliberate ‘oppression with malice’ of others.



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