The continued attempts of the defendants to delay the trial proceedings, and to have evidence of their wrong-doing excluded from being presented in open court, is for the simple reason, that it clearly exposes their premeditated efforts of oppression with malice to wrongfully defraud those they considered incapable of withstanding their combined efforts to do so.

Worddiamonds is a small company with the modest goal of publishing the Bible in a new way.

The obvious and prolonged suffering the defendants continue to inflict in the face of the courts rulings and the evidence against them, captures what kind of men they really are. They are oblivious to the effects of their own cruelty against a small company they ganged up on, in the belief that we could easily be buried under of their combined onslaught of harassment, hacking, disparagement, slander, mocking, threats and lies. They are so invested in destroying us that their same strategy of bullying against all sound wisdom and legal requirments remains unchanged.

Their attorneys fury- visceral, personal anger, expressed towards us, so visibly demonstrated in the 3 days of deposition they conducted against Kate Paley and Worddiamonds- cannot be other than extensions of their clients attitudes.

Because any new publication of the Bible is accompanied by various forms of persecution we were prepared for some resistance…but, this has been truly overwhelming, life-threatening, and excruciating, and it seems, never-ending.


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