Defendant Ross Levinsohn has resorted to every delay tactic in the book to prevent public exposure of his insider dealings.

For example, Radar Networks declared for bankruptcy on Nov. 2, 2011, yet defendants Hall [Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital] and Levinsohn waited until February 26, 2012- literally the eve of the trial- to assert bankruptcy claims and delay the suit at the last possible moment.

In an attempt to further disrupt the trial schedule, defendants now claim that after they liquidated Radar Networks and sold it to a company controlled by defendant Hall, they are nonetheless entitled to endemnity as directors and are therefore creditors of the corporation.

Having finally vaulted to his new position atop Yahoo, Mr. Levinsohn is testing this new position of power  by retaining new lawyers to embroil the case of fraud against himself, and others, in even more confusing, circuitous, legal semantics. This is done almost reflexively, as if truth were a concept of so little consequence, compared to his personal ambition and gain, that it could simply be brushed aside, and that there is nothing wrong with doing so. It is not enough to simply not be the initiator of fraudulent activities- if you go along with a fraud you in fact did not initiate, but colluded with- if you did not initiate a fraud but still went along with it- you in fact are as guilty of fraud as the original perpetrator(s).

Mr. Levinsohn’s new filing includes his complaint about having to spend so much money to prevent the trial of his fraudulent activities from going forward!

If successful, Mr. Levinsohn and Mr. Hall will have succeeded in lowering the bar of ethics and contributing to the decay of business standards which is crippling to the foundation of justice and laws needed to sustain a strong economy.


Despite defendants efforts, this case cannot be delayed indefinitely, and the true nature of the defendants conduct will eventually be aired before the public, which is nevertheless also on display by this latest filing.

This is not the first time those who have attempted to publish the Bible in a new way, have been persecuted, and many, martyred, as a result. And so it goes.




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