We think the defendants like threatening us, as this is all they have ever done-relentlessly- for over 4 years… we never published these exhibits. We understand the defendants do not want to be exposed in public for their fraudulent conveyance, etc.

The mountain of evidence is sky high. They know what they did. They don’t want you to know.
Sirs to accuse us of publishing any of the exhibits you listed here in yet another threatening demand is really shameless. You need to restore all that you stole and damaged.

There are people throughout the world that do like to read the Bible. And why you consider it all right to destroy our modest effort to publish the Bible in a new way is something that everyone who loves and reads the Bible will be interested in. Worddiamonds is a global website appreciated by people all over the world. Why all of you feel this is of no value speaks to your characters, all of you. Although you have tried to squeeze out all monetary gain from Worddiamonds, and more, you have underestimated the value of the Bible- most of all, you have underestimated God.

Try as you might to bury us, you will never be able to forever. The truth will come out.

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