~   Before the end of WORLD WAR ll, no one knew who the good guys really were. Nobody today considers the French having to recover from the trauma of being occupied by the Nazis, being sliced and diced into resistance, collaborators, spies, double agents, etc. Would the Nazi’s now be considered the good guys if they had won? We’d sure have to say so in public if we wanted to live.

So now, let’s be real- everyone is watching the economy poised to collapse, and witnessing the bad guys scramble by whatever means possible to fill their coffers to be able to survive economic Armageddon. Fraud has been on the rise, and a lot of bad guys are really thriving now. But we still have to keep our eyes on the ball- every generation faces a choice to be made without knowing how things will turn out beforehand.

Did those who denounced friends during the McCarthy hearings believe they were doing the right thing? Weren’t Nazi collaborators merely hedging their bets? The equivalent of modern day hedge funds? I’m just asking.

Is there anywhere an agreed upon code of conduct that transcends national interests, so that we could make informed decisions on whether what we were doing was right or wrong? I know the 10 Commandments are banned from schools as if they were pornographic materials. That’s sort of illogical. In the Bible it does say there will come a time when what is bad will be called good, and what is good will be called bad. Are we there yet?


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