At the last possible moment on the night before trial, defendants, including Ross Levinsohn and Steve Hall, filed a last minute bankruptcy claim in order to delay a public trial of plaintiff Kate Paley’s claims of fraud and unfair dealing. The bankruptcy claim lacks any merit and was nothing more than an attempt to avoid a public airing of defendants’ misconduct.  The case has since been delayed for months while defendants attempted to keep their actions from the public eye. Trying to create the conditions for inertia is not a new tactic for them.



 Today, attorneys on behalf of Ms. Kate Paley and the bankruptcy trustee agreed on terms for Ms. Paley to proceed with her state court action, including prosecuting, on behalf of the bankruptcy estate, claims that Radar’s assets were fraudulently transferred in order to enrich defendants at Ms Paley’s expense.  This agreement will eliminate delay and allow the claims against Ross Levinsohn and the other defendants, including Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital, to proceed to a public trial. Ms. Paley expects Mr. Levinsohn to oppose this stipulation in a further attempt to avoid trial on the fraud claims.



Indeed, all defendants have attempted to dissuade the trustee from doing so and are expected to oppose the arrangement, in order to further delay a state court trial on the merits.  A bankruptcy court hearing to approve the arrangement between the bankruptcy trustee and Ms. Paley is currently scheduled for July 27 at 1:00 pm.  Ms Paley will continue to aggressively pursue these claims so that defendants’ actions will finally be publicly aired.


Neither Paul Allen or Ross Levinsohn are bankrupt.

But, that is what they want you to believe- better

than fraud-but equally as deceptive.

Is this par for the course?

Does everybody do it?

Is there any integrity left,



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