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Nova Spivack owns up…not Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital


NOVA SPIVACK PUBLICLY APOLOGIZES: after subjecting me for years to the most reprehensible conduct, in concert with Steve Hall, Paul Allen, Vulcan Capital, and Ross Levinsohn. Finally someone comes clean and tells the truth. I hope Nova experiences a new beginning himself, and success.

This is the 2009 timeline..didn’t happen of course…


FRAUD the VULCAN CAPITAL WAY- SIMPLY BULLYING- Protesting purported conversion of my investment, we immediately contact Steve Hall of Vulcan Capital, who orchestrated scheme to defraud, as we are majority purchaser by 3-1, but to solve Vulcan problem of acquiring tax write off for Paul Allen on $85m gain in another investment, Steve Hall simply ignores our attorneys requests



Friends on my behalf immediately contacted Steve Hall of Vulcan Capital on the purported conversion of my investment into stock against my objections, as well as without sending me proper documentation etc. Then when they simply ignored this, we filed the legal complaint. See how shoddy their actions really were from a sharp legal observer intervening on my behalf.

The response from Steve Hall and Vulcan Capital- they could care less. They know perfectly well they are breaking the law, but rely on their billions to simply bully their way through, expressing their disdain and contempt for us and the rights of others. These thuggish tactics are their standard operating procedure.


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