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Steve Hall of Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital tries to cloud fraudulent conveyance; check out the dates; see layers of lies



Nova Spivack owns up…not Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital


NOVA SPIVACK PUBLICLY APOLOGIZES: after subjecting me for years to the most reprehensible conduct, in concert with Steve Hall, Paul Allen, Vulcan Capital, and Ross Levinsohn. Finally someone comes clean and tells the truth. I hope Nova experiences a new beginning himself, and success.

This is the 2009 timeline..didn’t happen of course…


FRAUD the VULCAN CAPITAL WAY- SIMPLY BULLYING- Protesting purported conversion of my investment, we immediately contact Steve Hall of Vulcan Capital, who orchestrated scheme to defraud, as we are majority purchaser by 3-1, but to solve Vulcan problem of acquiring tax write off for Paul Allen on $85m gain in another investment, Steve Hall simply ignores our attorneys requests



Friends on my behalf immediately contacted Steve Hall of Vulcan Capital on the purported conversion of my investment into stock against my objections, as well as without sending me proper documentation etc. Then when they simply ignored this, we filed the legal complaint. See how shoddy their actions really were from a sharp legal observer intervening on my behalf.

The response from Steve Hall and Vulcan Capital- they could care less. They know perfectly well they are breaking the law, but rely on their billions to simply bully their way through, expressing their disdain and contempt for us and the rights of others. These thuggish tactics are their standard operating procedure.


Hitler Blamed the Jews







Worddiamonds TRUTH Film

Worddiamonds Truth Film

one smoking gun.. the banality

To convert my investment required $4m of new monies- here is a smoking gun,

among others, describing Steve Hall and Ross Levinsohn colluding on fraud, and

converting me at $1m.





The ‘risk’ they refer to, is that they are defrauding me,

and may, or may not get away with it, but, no matter,

they will deal with whatever comes up..

Coming up..full expose’ of Silicon Valley’s ‘mafia…?

But it’s such a boring predictable group-

  ~   ‘the banality of evil’  ~







Matthew 23:14




update 2: The Classic Shell Game As Illustrated by Vulcan Capital- ABOVE THE LAW?









So, is the message I am getting, that what an idiot I am to think the law is protection for the more vulnerable among us who are so often taken advantage of? That judges are to halt the unscrupulous is a fairy tale that everyone knows doesn’t happen? That you have to cheat and bully and lie to to make your way in this world, that you must be callous and disregarding of anyone’s rights or interests except your own? Is that the message these men are sending to others? I get only anonymous comments on the blog: people are scared of these guys.

I feel like I’m drilling through a concrete of corruption I had no idea was so wide and deep; apparently I still haven’t come to the end of it. Continuing these machinations only provides even more evidence of how they consider themselves above the law, and a law unto themselves, answerable to no one.






God answers prayer

what a tangled web

~Do you think I cannot now appeal to my Father, and He will at once send me more than twelve legions of angels? Matt. 26:53

Last week we were offered a settlement by Evri, the company which absorbed Radar Networks, apart from the other defendants. As soon as the other defendants heard of the offer made apart from them, as the largest investors, they shut down the Evri Company. This happened last Friday.

Vulcan Capital is the main investor of Evri, and has to date invested more than $65,000,000 in Evri.

Yesterday we indicated we were inclined to let the powers that be call the shots to get this over with. It seems in response to this, we received an offer from the other defendants- this morning- the exact same offer and amount as came from the Evri Company last week, and the reason for which they shut the Evri Company down.. A fraction of the amount stolen and destroyed.

Also, the powers that be, have other powers that be, over them. It goes very high up, or, very low down, depending on your perspective.

When Radar Networks collapsed, Nova Spivack publicly blamed myself and Worddiamonds for its failure. Of the e-mails turned over in discovery, we found he said things to others about me personally that I have never heard being said about another human being, until I found it in the Bible being said about Christ. (?!)

The question for Nova, who always said he needed more money, no matter how much had been invested, is, where did all the money go? My theory is that its somewhere in Indonesia being used to build a resort.

Mr. Spivack directed his underlings to erase all his computer records immediately. We never received an accounting for our investment until 2 years after Radar was ‘sold’ to ‘Evri’.

Mr. Spivack still remains answerable, because money has disappeared, lies have been told;  it is a tangled web indeed, by those who would deceive. Certainly all blame can be laid at Mr. Spivack’s feet, had not the others involved in this fraud behaved even more badly, with more deliberate cruelty and ‘malice with oppression’ as it’s called legally.

As the lead investor for Radar (and Evri), for Mr. Hall to assure me he would help with any advice concerning my investment in Radar, the very same day he had fraudulently converted my investment in Radar into equity,  which he then shut down [Radar] and absorbed into Evri, another company Vulcan was the lead investor in under his direction, is to illustrate the kind of shell game, pure and simple, that continues to this day.

Peter Rip, a fellow investor, behaved so honorably, and with kindness and compassion, I will never forget his reaching out and connecting me with those who steadied me during this horrendous experience. His death certainly leaves a void in the community. Are there any others like him left? Men of their word, gentlemen, with some kind of ethical standards?

Will no one else step forward and stop this sham? Others know some of what has been going on, but only have a limited view. Justice doesn’t seem to be a priority in this neck of the woods. Is it no longer the United States of America in Silicon Valley? Do our nations laws, and principals, have no bearing?

There is going to be an Edward R. Murrow that will one day cry out, ‘Have you no decency sir, at long last?’ Because I’m not the only one this is happening to, or, has had this happen to them, by these same players.

Today is the day of salvation. Confess. Let this end peaceably.

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