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This Is Real: Levinsohn of Yahoo, Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital ruled as Committing Fraud



For over four years the defendants have poured forth their scorn on us, most recently through their attorneys. All their efforts are now simply to draw out the legal proceedings, messing them up with bogus legal acrobatics, wasting not only our time, but the time and expense of the courts. None of this matters to Ross Levinsohn or Paul Allen. Their self interest dictates their actions and code of conduct. This is real, and it is happening now.

These men have stolen and destroyed our life’s work, with nothing but a sneer looking back, the same utter scorn and contempt with which they address the law, as if it were merely a chess game with no basis in reality.

They never thought it would get this far. Everyone else cowers in fear, why aren’t we responding the same way? They thinks its ludicrous that anyone would think they could outspend them, out lawyer them, etc.

Meanwhile, what they don’t realize, is that their usual modus operendi is being displayed for all to one day see. Each tactic to keep covered their actions, to pay off and cleverly jiggle the legal system to be manipulated in their own favor, represents nothing but a classic play by play of the unscrupulous.

Hitler and the Nazi’s unwittingly supplied the careful documentation of their crimes, never realizing it would be the most condemning factor, studied over and analyzed for years- centuries? to come.

(Their attorneys do threaten us concerning what we publish on the blog.)

Are We There Yet?


 ~   Before the end of WORLD WAR ll, no one knew who the good guys really were. Nobody today considers the French having to recover from the trauma of being occupied by the Nazis, being sliced and diced into resistance, collaborators, spies, double agents, etc. Would the Nazi’s now be considered the good guys if they had won? We’d sure have to say so in public if we wanted to live.

So now, let’s be real- everyone is watching the economy poised to collapse, and witnessing the bad guys scramble by whatever means possible to fill their coffers to be able to survive economic Armageddon. Fraud has been on the rise, and a lot of bad guys are really thriving now. But we still have to keep our eyes on the ball- every generation faces a choice to be made without knowing how things will turn out beforehand.

Did those who denounced friends during the McCarthy hearings believe they were doing the right thing? Weren’t Nazi collaborators merely hedging their bets? The equivalent of modern day hedge funds? I’m just asking.

Is there anywhere an agreed upon code of conduct that transcends national interests, so that we could make informed decisions on whether what we were doing was right or wrong? I know the 10 Commandments are banned from schools as if they were pornographic materials. That’s sort of illogical. In the Bible it does say there will come a time when what is bad will be called good, and what is good will be called bad. Are we there yet?


Yahoo’s Ross Levinsohn, Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital-THEiR COVERUP – claiming bankruptcy, TO SAVE FACE



At the last possible moment on the night before trial, defendants, including Ross Levinsohn and Steve Hall, filed a last minute bankruptcy claim in order to delay a public trial of plaintiff Kate Paley’s claims of fraud and unfair dealing. The bankruptcy claim lacks any merit and was nothing more than an attempt to avoid a public airing of defendants’ misconduct.  The case has since been delayed for months while defendants attempted to keep their actions from the public eye. Trying to create the conditions for inertia is not a new tactic for them.



 Today, attorneys on behalf of Ms. Kate Paley and the bankruptcy trustee agreed on terms for Ms. Paley to proceed with her state court action, including prosecuting, on behalf of the bankruptcy estate, claims that Radar’s assets were fraudulently transferred in order to enrich defendants at Ms Paley’s expense.  This agreement will eliminate delay and allow the claims against Ross Levinsohn and the other defendants, including Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital, to proceed to a public trial. Ms. Paley expects Mr. Levinsohn to oppose this stipulation in a further attempt to avoid trial on the fraud claims.



Indeed, all defendants have attempted to dissuade the trustee from doing so and are expected to oppose the arrangement, in order to further delay a state court trial on the merits.  A bankruptcy court hearing to approve the arrangement between the bankruptcy trustee and Ms. Paley is currently scheduled for July 27 at 1:00 pm.  Ms Paley will continue to aggressively pursue these claims so that defendants’ actions will finally be publicly aired.


Neither Paul Allen or Ross Levinsohn are bankrupt.

But, that is what they want you to believe- better

than fraud-but equally as deceptive.

Is this par for the course?

Does everybody do it?

Is there any integrity left,



TO SAVE FACE- woman is shot nine times so men can save face: Ross Levinsohn, Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital


Watch this video











In Afghanistan, men in a dispute organize a fake court, and shoot a woman, nine times, to save face, cheering for their actions.

This resonates because it is so universal, not because it is isolated.

This is what is happening to Worddiamonds. Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital, Ross Levinsohn of Yahoo, solely for the purpose of making a ‘soft landing’ for a company they still own in the form of Evri, dismantled and destroyed the Worddiamonds website. They stole all our development funds to use

for their “own purposes” (a quote from the directive made by Steve Hall, of Vulcan Capital, to Nova Spivack, concerning Worddiamonds partnership with Radar- Vulcan Capital was calling the shots).

Through lies, bullying, and continued spurious contortions of the law, they fraudulently converted funds to ‘save face’ and make a ‘soft landing’ for the closing and sale of Twine- to themselves-and another company they own, Evri.

To stop the trial from proceeding after the judge ruled that they clearly committed fraud against Worddiamonds, now Ross Levinsohn of Yahoo and Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital have declared bankruptcy of the very company they closed and now still own in the form of Evri.

This same manipulation of the law continues with which they have attempted to get away with their fraud. They have consistently twisted the law, to pervert it’s intent, for


almost 5 years. Only to save face! Thats how little value they consider others to have. That’s how far they will go to deceive their community and peers.

People keep asking what has happened, where are all the women in tech?

Woman shot nine times as men cheer

Only Believe

when deciding who or what to believe- remember, it’s free. So, choose the best! In the beginning, was the Word. Look what a beautiful diamond God gave me.. within each facet, is a book of the Bible..and more..much more…

the latest play- another new delay….. Yahoo’s Ross Levinsohn, Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital declare bankruptcy- pay millions to convince the court they are owed monies from company they own






Ross Levinsohn of Yahoo’s attorneys managed  to confer ahead of time (last Friday) with the judge before this morning’s hearing. 

The court clerk came out of the courtroom at 9:28 to announce the hearing was concluded before it’s 9:30 scheduled time to begin.

We were told all the proceedings are now put off until this October 25.

This was quite a play, as this happened at exactly two minutes before the proceedings were scheduled to start.

Usually both sides are supposed to present their case before the judge.

There is nothing wrong with playing hardball, but, there is something wrong with at every turn trying to get around the law and cheat.

Today’s hearing was in a bankruptcy court. Mr. Levinsohn and Mr. Hall have declared bankruptcy. How you may ask did they get away with that. Seriously.

They don’t look poor. Mr. Levinsohn took home an almost $12 million dollar payday last year. Mr. Allen’s purpose for defrauding us was, among other things, to provide himself a tax write-off on an investment gain of $85 million dollars during that time period.

Well, they actually haven’t gotten away with their bankruptcy ploy quite yet. That’s what this morning’s hearing was about. Instead, Mr. Levinsohn’s attorneys got to the judge ahead of time, to again attempt to delay this case,  CIV494701 in the San Mateo County Superior Court, from going forward.

After we insisted that we too be allowed to appear before the judge- usually both sides are given the opportunity to present their case, not just one side- the clerk did ask the judge to allow us to speak with him also.

After hearing us, the judge agreed that there was no need to delay this case from going forward, and have given the other side an additional five days. You know, let’s give them another chance to throw yet another wrench into the case going forward.

Evidently the defendants and their attorneys feel entitled to not have to obey the law. In fact, this entire case is an illustration of the many instances these defendants have not obeyed the law. That is exactly what this case is about. This morning the defendants displayed another instance of their cunning in getting around the law and the court system.

What will they think of next?

STAND UP TO BULLIES ! Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital, Yahoo’s Ross Levinsohn, Steve Hall-update: pillars of Silicon Valley caught committing fraud

Integrity is not something you can decide to have one day, and not have on another day.


press release- SiliconValley VC JuryTrial Starts 2-27-1

There is no personal animosity on our part towards anyone in this case. While unrelenting animosity has been expressed towards us, attacks and threats of a personal nature, that is not the motivation on our part.

The depositions themselves tell the story of the contemptuous attitude these men exhibit towards the law. We are merely saying, it’s not all right to aggressively try and convince someone to invest more money in your start up, when they have clearly and repeatedly declined to do so again; and, by lies, false promises, ending in outright fraud no less- to then try to blame them publicly, for your business’s failure. It’s not alright to commit fraud! It’s not all right to do that. It’s not all right to leave that person with nothing, to destroy what it took years for them to build, in an attempt to get them “to freak out and throw more money at it” directly into your pockets, to purportedly fix it. And it’s not all right, especially if your pockets already contain billions, to commit fraud merely for a tax write off. This is about illegal activities being conducted by those who present themselves as pillars of the community. This is about getting justice gentlemen. But mostly, this is about standing up to bullies.

There needs to be a standard set- without a baseline of justice, Silicon Vallley will be more ruinous to this country than all the bankers that have been sucked into the powerful vortex of greed combined.

“For what shall it prophet a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” Mark 8:36


 In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

startups: CBS, Edward R. Morrow, Walter Cronkite, STANDING UP TO BULLIES


Well, my Dad did have a very successful start up back in the day. At the time, no one really understood what ‘television’ was.  Sixty years later the internet has defined it, only when the full arc of television is complete- and with CBS, that was then, the internet, this is now. Its a new era, but the same things that made for success then, make for success now, even though we’re still figuring out the ramifications of this new media and how it will ultimately play out.


Excellence. Integrity. Truth. Responsibility. Love of Country.

Dad had to be clean as a whistle.  Having been part of World War II in London and Paris, and there on the day they liberated Buchenwald, he also saw the full horrors of one of the major Nazi concentration camps. He was friend and boss of the great journalist Edward R. Morrow, when the love was bold and strong for the United States of America. We had come in and rescued the world, and the pride in the freedoms we fought and died for was cresting. Everyone felt a responsibility for doing the best they could. Dad felt a tremendous responsibility to his country, the USA, and the airwaves.

To compare those days to what is happening in Silicon Valley, its pretty tragic. Except, from afar, for Steve Jobs. The love, the thrill you felt he had for developing Apple products- we don’t know how blessed we are yet. He got it. Lets set a high standard. Let’s inspire. That was Dad and ‘the Tiffany network’. Excellence, in integrity, in quality, in design,in entertainment, in the news- being truthful. Those were the days Edward R. Morrow singlehandedly seemed to bring the McCarthy hearings to a hault- “have you no decency, sir, at long last?”  he said to Mr. McCarthy in a live interview. Someone needs to say that to some of Silicon Valley. But its mob rule in there right now. You’d be lynched.

And then there was Walter Cronkite. When Cronkite went to Vietnam and saw the horror of what was going on there- and when Cronkite spoke up on his live evening news broadcast and said outright that the war was wrong- that was the end of that war.

Lyndon Johnson famously said the next day, ‘if  we’ve lost Walter Cronkite, we’ve lost the nation’.

Who has the moral authority to stand up to anything anymore? Everyone has sold out. As I said, the warnings have been loud and clear. If you try to rock our boat….it isn’t said out loud, but you can see them making that gesture, that says, you will die.

Matthew 12:14


make your way sure

See what it says in the Bible first- be sure.













don’t guess!

UPDATE: original notice of the trial regarding fraud perpetrated by Ross Levinsohn, Yahoo’s newly named interim CEO, and Steve Hall ( of Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital). (republished)

the night before this trial, which has been scheduled for over 2 years, was to begin, the defendants declared bankruptcy in order to stop the trial from going forward. For over 4 years we have been dealing with these spurious legal tactics, originating in the fraud perpetrated against Worddiamonds. They continue their same ‘bad faith’  [intent to decieve] modus operandi. Never straightforward or truthful, here again they attempt to twist the law to suit their own dishonest, dishonorable intention- to deceive quite frankly. Obviously these guys are far from bankrupt!

Contact: Richard Lavinthal 202-596-1176

Daughter of CBS Founder William S. Paley’s Multi-Million-Dollar
Fraud Allegations Against Three High-Profile Silicon Valley
Venture Capitalists
; Evri, Inc.; and Radar Networks, Inc.; To Begin
Monday, February 27th, In San Mateo Superior Court, Judge Rules

Kate Paley’s Fraud Lawsuit Names Steve Hall, a Managing Director
of Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital, Which Controls Evri; Ross Levinsohn of Fuse
Capital, and Now Yahoo Inc.’s newly named interim CEO,
and Nova Spivack of Lucid Ventures

Superior Court Judge V. Raymond Swope Denied
Summary Judgment Motions by Hall, Levinsohn,
and Vulcan-Owned Evri, on February 23rd

SAN MATEO, CA (February 25, 2012) – In an open-court rarity a California jury will hear a fraud lawsuit against three high-profile Silicon Valley venture capitalists and two entities alleged to have defrauded CBS founder William S. Paley’s daughter, Kate, of her multi-million investment in a start-up.

Steve Hall, of Vulcan Capital (“Vulcan” at www.Vulcan; Vulcan-owned Evri, Inc. (“Evri” at; Ross Levinsohn, of Fuse Capital ( and recently name interim CEO of Yahoo Inc. Nova Spivack of Radar Networks, Inc. (“Radar”); and Radar transferred assets with the intent to defraud Paley of her rights as a creditor, it is alleged.

Misconduct, self-dealing, and fraud allegations previously sealed will be aired publicly in the trial. Jury selection and opening statements will be scheduled at an initial conference with the San Mateo Superior Court trial assignment department on Monday at 9:30 AM.


On Thursday the court denied motions by Hall, Levinsohn and Evri to dismiss claims that they transferred assets with the actual intent to defraud Paley of her rights as a creditor to Radar, the now-defunct Silicon Valley start-up.

Paley’s Complaint alleges fraud, fraudulent conveyance, breach of contract and other claims related to her investment in Radar, an early-stage tech company focused on semantic search technology.

According to Paley’s lawsuit, the defendants actively conspired to cheat her out of her investment in Radar by (i) unlawfully converting her from a creditor to a shareholder; (ii) selling Radar’s assets for less than fair value to Evri, a business controlled by Vulcan, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s investment vehicle; and (iii) not sharing any of the sale proceeds with Paley, while each of the defendants received substantial benefits.

Hall, a managing director of Vulcan, was on the board of directors of both Radar and Evri at the time that Evri purchased Radar’s assets for less than fair value. Levinsohn’s venture capital firm profited from the sale, as did he, and Spivack also benefitted from the sale of Radar to Evri, it is alleged. Radar had only three directors, Hall, Levinsohn, and Spivack.

In their motions for summary judgment, Evri, Hall, and Levinsohn denied any misconduct, claiming Paley did not even have standing to sue as a creditor, an argument Judge Swope rejected. In his ruling, Judge Swope determined that the relevant contracts were not ambiguous and held that, as a matter of law, the defendants did not have the right to convert Paley’s loan to equity.

“I’m very pleased with the Court’s decision and look forward to presenting my case starting Monday,” Paley said.

Paley is represented by Mandel Bhandari, LLP in New York City; and Colt/Wallerstein LLP in Redwood Shores, California

Case Caption: Kate Paley and Word Diamonds, LLC v. Radar Networks, Inc., Nova Spivack, Steve Hall, Ross Levinsohn, and Evri Inc., Case No. Civ-494701, California Superior Court in and for the County of San Mateo.

# # #

Attention Credentialed Reporters and Editors: If you are unable to retrieve the Complaint or Thursday court ruling online from the clerk’s office please call PRforLAW, LLC at 202-596-1176. Both documents will be posted on the homepage by early Sunday.

Contact: Richard Lavinthal 202-596-1176;

the night before the trial was to begin, Ross Levinsohn of Yahoo and Paul Allen of Vulcan Capital declared bankruptcy to stop the trial from going forward. Obviously neither of them is bankrupt monetarily, but perhaps in other ways.

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