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acting in ‘bad faith’…..Levinsohn of Yahoo, Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital are not really legally ‘bankrupt’, are they?

bad faith: noun
intent to deceive : the owners have bargained in bad faith.
• (in existentialist philosophy) refusal to confront facts or choices.

bad faith 1) n. intentional dishonest act by not fulfilling legal or contractual obligations, misleading another, entering into an agreement without the intention or means to fulfill it, or violating basic standards of honesty in dealing with others. Most states recognize what is called “implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing” which is breached by acts of bad faith, for which a lawsuit may be brought (filed) for the breach (just as one might sue for breach of contract). The question of bad faith may be raised as a defense to a suit on a contract. 2) adj. when there is bad faith then a transaction is called a “bad faith” contract or “bad faith” offer. (See: good faithfraudclean hands doctrine)


in bad faith

Fig. without sincerity; with bad or dishonest intent; with duplicity. It appears that you acted in bad faith and didn’t live up to the terms of our agreement.If you do things in bad faith, you’ll get a bad reputation.

See also: bad, faith


Legally the defendants are making a ‘bad-faith’ effort to declare bankruptcy- obviously they are far from bankrupt and this is a ploy to again delay or stop the trial from going forward and expose the fraud, ‘insider’ hijinks and so forth. More than that, it is another ‘bad faith’ effort for which these defendants are so desperate to cover up. If it’s no big deal to them, why have they spent almost more on attorneys fees, to keep this from being aired in public, than the amount they stole in their fraudulent conveyance?

Because they committed fraud, which is still frowned upon in some circles.

Ross Levinsohn of Yahoo, Steve Hall of Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital- oblivious to the effects of their ‘oppresssion with malice’

The continued attempts of the defendants to delay the trial proceedings, and to have evidence of their wrong-doing excluded from being presented in open court, is for the simple reason, that it clearly exposes their premeditated efforts of oppression with malice to wrongfully defraud those they considered incapable of withstanding their combined efforts to do so.

Worddiamonds is a small company with the modest goal of publishing the Bible in a new way.

The obvious and prolonged suffering the defendants continue to inflict in the face of the courts rulings and the evidence against them, captures what kind of men they really are. They are oblivious to the effects of their own cruelty against a small company they ganged up on, in the belief that we could easily be buried under of their combined onslaught of harassment, hacking, disparagement, slander, mocking, threats and lies. They are so invested in destroying us that their same strategy of bullying against all sound wisdom and legal requirments remains unchanged.

Their attorneys fury- visceral, personal anger, expressed towards us, so visibly demonstrated in the 3 days of deposition they conducted against Kate Paley and Worddiamonds- cannot be other than extensions of their clients attitudes.

Because any new publication of the Bible is accompanied by various forms of persecution we were prepared for some resistance…but, this has been truly overwhelming, life-threatening, and excruciating, and it seems, never-ending.


Ross Levinsohn of Yahoo, Steve Hall of Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital, continue attempts to delay..

The response from defendants Ross Levinsohn of Yahoo and Steve Hall of Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital, has been to delay, at every step of the way,  [ case # CIV494701 San Mateo County Superior Court ] this case from going forward, and to keep out evidence of their misdeeds from being aired in a public court of law.

Instead of taking responsibility their only thought is to shirk responsibility.

Again this week another new attempt on their part to delay the proceedings has been disallowed by the judge. [the next week they tried this same ploy to delay the trial going forward- see June 16 post].

We know from experience that these men consider themselves smarter and more clever than anyone else. Their arrogance and patronizing attitude which extends even to their view of the court system is wearying on everyone.

Their indifference to anyone’s interests beyond their own is remarkably consistent. It is the same indifference with which they carried out their fraudulent conveyance, the same sneering contempt with which they caused the theft and destruction of Worddiamonds for their own convenience and monetary gain, in the hopes this would somehow compel us to “freak out and throw more money at it” to somehow fix it.

Although Mr. Levinsohn saw what was going on, and said it was “evil”, he nevertheless threw in his lot with helping orchestrate the fraudulent conveyance, which could not have been accomplished without his complicity.

The defendants in this case truly cannot conceive of anyone else’s interests holding a candle to their exalted view of their own. They sincerely do believe their interests are far more important than other peoples. This is their world view, and they conduct themselves and treat others from this point of view.

They truly believe they are above being held accountable for anything or having to answer to anyone. They refuse  to take responsibility for their actions, and are affronted as well as dismissive towards anyone that dare ask them to do so, even a court of law.

Their continued attempts to stop the trial and keep the evidence out of the public view, more than anything, demonstrates this very attitude. The obvious and prolonged suffering they continue to inflict in the face of the courts rulings and the evidence against them really captures what kind of men they truly are. They are oblivious to the effects of their own cruelty- their deliberate ‘oppression with malice’ of others.



update: tomorrow the court hears the bankruptcy ploy of defendants


Tomorrow there is a court date to see whether or not ethical standards apply to those determined to hoodwink the law.

Clearly Ron Levinsohn of Yahoo and Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital feel that it is perfectly ok to try to do so- to use the law against itself by contorting its intent to justify their actions. If the defendants succeed, they will have succeeded in establishing the legalization of fraud. I’m not sure if this is a legal precedent.


As a litmus test of the Silicon Valley community this in and of itself is cause for dismay. And make no mistake- this  is  a litmus test of the Silicon Valley community.




about fraud- does it have a place in business?

Do you want someone to run your company that, although not the initiator of undeniably fraudulent activities, went along with activities he knew to be fraudulent?



Coming Soon to a Theater Near You: How Yahoo’s Ross Levinsohn and Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital stopped the trial that would have exposed their FRAUD (update)

at his annual Cannes bash


naturally, to avoid paying taxes, this yacht is registered in the Cayman Islands…







Paul Allen American entrepreneur Paul Allen arrives at the Dolce & Gabbana Party held at the Baoli Restaurant during the 60th International Cannes Film Festival on May 25, 2007 in Cannes, France.



‘Their exultation was like those who devour the oppressed in secret’ Habakkuk 3:14

press release- SiliconValley VC JuryTrial Starts 2-27-1

The trial that had been scheduled for over 2 years to begin this past Feb. 27, 2012, was shut down the night before it was to begin, after Steve Hall, of Vulcan Capital, and Ross Levinsohn, of Yahoo, announced they too are a creditors of Radar, the company they engineered the shutdown and sale of, to a company called Evri.

Steve Hall sat on the boards of and effectively controlled both Evri and Radar.

The acquisition committee which allowed the fraudulent conveyance to take place and selectively transfer all of Radar’s assets to Evri was comprised of Mr. Levinsohn alone. He decided to ignore the law and just “see what happens”, confident that with money and muscle, by bullying, threats and intimidation, this fraud could prevail, dismissing any concern or regard for the law or any consequences unrelated to his own gain.

Ross Levinsohn and Steve Hall declaring at literally the very last minute before the trial was to begin [see case CIV494701 online at the San Mateo County Superior Court website] that they both are now also creditors of Radar, was done solely for the purpose of stopping the trial.

Although Mr. Levinsohn remarked that Mr. Hall’s conduct was ‘evil’, he went along with it anyway. Both of them now claiming they are creditors of the same company they orchestrated the shutdown and sale of, is another bad faith effort on both their parts to prevent their fraudulent activities from coming to light.

Having failed in their efforts to have the trial dismissed, and having failed at having the mountain of evidence, which is sky high, of their fraudulent activities excluded from being presented in front of a jury, here again is another instance of the lengths Mr. Hall and Mr. Levinsohn are willing to go ‘to get away with murder’ by perversely declaring they and others are actually owed money from the company Mr. Hall bought and shut down, (Mr. Levinsohn being complicit), [See TechCrunch, ‘Evri buys Radar’] while at the same time also boasting that Mr. Allen has never said ‘no’ to him.

This manipulation of the law to pervert it’s intent is of a piece with the fraud perpetrated on Worddiamonds. The disdain of the rights of others, the condescending dismissal and relentless disparagment, to objectify as a mere “obstacle” to their fraud, the rights of anyone other than themselves, has been demonstrated to the nth degree. For the movie version of the book that is coming out which documents this entire saga, their depositions alone will provide the actors with what are displays of such sneering smugness, the audience will be falling on the floor with laughter. Mr. Hall and Mr. Levinsohn’s attempts to obscure their actions with bogus legal acrobatics that mock not only our legal system but the law in general continue what is almost a parody of the white collar shell games sprouting up throughout the land.

How many others has Vulcan or Mr. Levinsohn stolen from, harassed, slandered, bullied, threatened, hacked, and much much worse, with such relentless intent to steal, oppress, destroy, and now cover up, using, at every turn, such spurious contortions of the law?

We are asking for the prayers of believers so that all that has been perpetrated against Worddiamonds be exposed and defeated, and for restoration of all.

We are called to stand against evil, not to let it roll over us and others. “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing’. This culture of greed and insider-trading with it’s dismissive attitude towards the law, is a cancer on our nation. It has to be confronted, even at the cost of our lives. Although taking a stand against corruption in this case has meant becoming a target of the most reprehensible slander- as if attempting to incite a mob in lynching, or burning at the stake, the one who speaks truth to power.

And yet we live in the United States of America, our freedoms preserved at the cost of mens lives. That imperceptible slide into the hypocrisy of the status quo is becoming, if not checked in time, an avalanche. Corruption brings ruin gentlemen, and ruin is not quantified by riches.

 In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

“For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” Mark 8:36






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