The defendants Ross Levinsohn of Yahoo and Steve Hall of Vulcan Capital claiming, in this case, to be creditors of a company they shut down and own themselves, was another ploy to stop the trial that would expose their misdeeds- their serious, fraudulent activities. Essentially Mr. Levinsohn and Mr. Allen ( owner of Vulcan Capital ) and Mr. Hall are in denial that they haven’t been able to get away with what they thought would be a slam dunk fraudulent conveyance.

and so have thrown in a claim that they are the one’s who need to be repaid for the fraud they conducted..sweet, huh?

They feel they can commit fraud, but, they don’t feel they can afford to be exposed for doing so.  Yet, what is unusual in this case, is the continued determination of M. Hall, Mr. Levinsohn, and Mr. Allen, to insist on pretending this is not what they have done, in the face of such overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

They have here gone so far as to put forth the argument, that if anyone has been defrauded, it is themselves, and they present themselves in all guileful sincerity as the parties to whom monies are owed.

It begs the question, how often has this worked for the defendants in the past, as they seem so startled and frustrated not to be getting away with it on this occasion? How many others have been bullied into silence, outspent and out maneuvered, threatened, maligned, slandered, in efforts to prevent anyone from ever being able to hold them accountable? Their efforts persist to this day. We are faced with their same fury and scorn as we try to hold them accountable at this present moment.



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